Margot Bos Stambler was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in Leesburg, Virginia. She was a gifted operatic soprano whose talent was equaled by her work ethic and determination. In addition to her singing, she was a mentor and vocal coach to both students and professionals. Her administrative skills as Manager of Hopkins Symphony not only promoted the community spirit of live music, but helped sustain and invigorate a valuable orchestral institution. Her tenacity and courage in her artistic pursuits are a testament to her spirit, and a model for aspiring artists. In essence, Margot Bos Stambler embodies the mission to which the MARGOT MUSIC FUND aspires. 

Margot was a sixth generation graduate of Oberlin College, where she earned a Bachelor of Music Degree in voice. Her career as a singer included performances with the Rome Festival Opera, the Sante Fe Opera, and the Loudoun and Hopkins Symphonies. After completing her Masters Degree in Opera, Margot experienced serious vocal problems and for a time was unable to sing. For most singers this is tantamount to the end of a career, but Margot's amazing work ethic and determination would not allow her to quit. She found vocal teacher Susan Dash of Philadelphia, PA, and worked and studied for years to recover her voice.

In 1995, Margot was diagnosed with breast cancer, and endured surgery and chemotherapy. Yet through great physical, emotional, and financial difficulty, she continued her vocal studies as well as her managerial duties with Hopkins Symphony Orchestra until her death in June, 2000.

During these years of struggle, she and her husband, David, crafted the genesis of the FUND as an avenue of financial support for the musical arts.

Margot's character was highlighted by her keen intellect and deep compassion. Her energy and kindness were seemingly boundless, and she was universally cherished and admired. In every realm of her life, Margot leaves a legacy of intelligence, strength, courage, and beauty.